Sunday, March 11, 2012

Playing Catch Up

We've been back for a week, and it feels like a month!  I was back to work on Monday, and there was plenty waiting for me to do.  Going away is so hard when I come back and have a week's worth of work to catch up on!  

It's consignment season here in TN, and I love it.  I got this chair at half price day for $7.50.  It's perfect for our table height, and it's getting a nice cheery coat of paint to make it a bit more attractive.  I can't wait to see the difference.

The boys got haircuts on Saturday, which meant they also got to get Sweet CeCe's when we were done.  

I started to do some car seat shopping.  Jack is ready to move up to the next one, and we need one for Katie Ruth.  We didn't buy any, but this is what we're leaning toward.

Jack did some cooking in the kitchen.  He wanted a "chef hat" but we don't have one, so we improvised with a kitchen town and a clip.

The boys have been building their Lego creations.  This is never ending!

I could have done without this excitement. . . Thursday I got rear ended at lunch.  Everyone was fine and there was minimal damage to my vehicle.  There is some, but it will get taken care of.  The bright side?  I had a car seat in the vehicle, which now can't be used.  My insurance covers the replacement of the car seat so one of those new car seats we need will be taken care of!

See this?  GIRL LAUNDRY!

Thanks to consignment season I have been able to stock up on some clothes for Katie.  I'm so glad we found out how big she is last week so I could get things we need in the appropriate sizes

We also got a carrier to use with Katie.  I don't know if she's like it or not, but we picked one up at the consignment sale for $10.  Jack and I tried it out. . . he's ten pounds over the weight limit (and weighs 17 pounds more than Katie!) so I think she will fit just fine.

We got this adorable dress as a gift for Katie - it's so, so cute!

Chris picked this out. . . It's a collegiate dress I can live with!  It also came with bloomers.  Am I the only person who thinks those are completely adorable?!

Love this little dress and shirt combo!  The dress is Hannah Kate and the shirt is Kelly's Kids.  My total cost for the outfit was $5.00.

I LOVE this one!  There are little bloomer type shorts that match too.  This set was $3.00.

Love me some seersucker!  This dress was $4.00.

This cute little set was $3.00.  I love the half price day!

Next up?  Some serious outside projects.  How sad is this walkway?  I started on my weed killing project this morning.  We're having David's party in two weeks, so we need to do some major work outside before then! 

His request?  A Lego Ninjago party.  We did some planning this morning and, despite the theme not being what *ahem* I want it to be, it will be cute.  He's very, very excited.

Fingers crossed that our court dossier gets submitted tomorrow!!


  1. The only seat with higher safety rating than the Britax Frontier 85 is a Graco Nautilus. BUt let me tell you, it is not very cushy. My skinny kid complains enough that I am going to add some foam behind the cloth cover. Otherwise it is an amazing seat! (If I were bringing home your baby, I would get the Britax too. Just so much more comfy.)

  2. I love the UT dress, and I don't even love college football! And yes, bloomers are not only adorable but appropriate. I made Ella wear bloomers under her dresses until last year. I CAN NOT STAND seeing a little girl's undies at the playground. Love seer sucker too, Ella had a ton of that!


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