Monday, June 11, 2012

Baseball and Birthdays

OK Chris put Katie to bed tonight so I wouldn't fall asleep at the same time as my children....although, I have to admit, the amount of sleep I've been getting has been fantastic!  Not great for my productivity, but wonderful for getting some rest!

Tuesday was my birthday.  I turned 29 35.  If someone had told me 15 years ago that, when I turned 35, I would live in a big, old blue house full of sticky fingerprints, two dogs, four children, one bathroom, and that I would drive a minivan (which is the NICE car we have!) I would have probably passed out.  Tuesday, turning 35, I probably felt the best about my life as I ever have.  I have an amazing family, both living in my house and those who are part of our extended family.  

My husband is seriously the most incredible dad.  He stays home with f.o.u.r. children - one who never stops talking, has a tic disorder, and needs to be brushed but is the resident expert on, oh, pretty much everything, one who is the sweetest thing ever, until you make him angry, and then he's like a mad tornado, one with Down syndrome who doesn't speak English and can't be left alone for a second because she will destroy everything in her path with her unbridled excitement, and one who is constantly talking about his "work buddies at Tractor Supply", but really is four years old and can't work.  

My children are amazing.  They are all so happy, all the time.  And I know this sounds like bragging, but I don't care - I think happy children are the product of good parenting.  If Chris and I were angry all the time and yelling all the time (and please do not think there is never any yelling), our children would not be happy.  We have a fun house - we laugh every day.  We play every day.  We sing and dance and hug and kiss and say "I love you" every day.  They are smart, and kind, and thoughtful.  They are the best gift I could have ever received.

Henry and David had a playoff game this weekend, which our team lost.  We were so sad!  It was our only loss, and the last game of the season.  They still won the division for their age group, and we had a fantastic team this year.  This coach was such a great fit for David, and really made him enjoy baseball more.  

And then, after the last game, David said, "I'll take next year off from baseball.  My next sport will be the swim team!"

This crazy pile of wood is getting turned into something GREAT!  I can't wait to show you!

We went to Gigi and Grampy's house to celebrate Grampy's 60th birthday yesterday.

I will cry when Jack doesn't have baby hands anymore.

Nobody at the orphanage told me this child was a crazy woman.

She's really coming out of her shell....if she was ever in one.

She is seriously this excited about everything.

The world is completely new to her, and we have a front row seat to her excitement.

And it's contagious.  The boys are the happiest I really think I have ever seen them.

It's incredible what this tiny little person has done in three short weeks.

The boys were all snuggled up watching something on a phone or other electronic device.  I hope they snuggle like this forever!

I am so excited for my daddy to turn 60.  We are so lucky he lives here, and that he is in great health and loves to play with my boys.  Most of the time.  When they're not acting like wild animals.

This little joker is going to be just. like. Grampy. when he grows up.  I suspect he's just like Grampy was as a child.  Which makes me nervous.

That look of excitement is because she just shoved her hand, and her FOOT, in the cake and was licking off the icing.  Yes, her foot.  

We had a perfect day celebrating our birthdays.

And this photo wins for my favorite picture ever.  
Look at those happy faces!  


  1. i love your happy family!! She fits right in and i am guessing she can give those boys a run for their money! :)

  2. Okay, where do I begin?

    a.) Can I borrow Katie? Forever? Too bad my new "chill pill" doesn't give me THAT kind of happiness!

    b.) Happy belated birthday! I would've told you sooner but I was too busy being a beached whale.

    c.) Your dad is the handsomest of all dads. [insert whistle noise]

    d.) The picture of you and David towards the bottom should SO be your Facebook profile picture, you look STUNNING!

  3. Happy belated Birthday! Looks like you had a busy, but fun one!

  4. oh this post was just TOO beautiful!

  5. Can't stop laughing at her putting her foot in the cake. LOL She is a fireball! Glad your birthday was such a great day!


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