Sunday, July 22, 2012

Two Months Home!

This little love has been home for two months now.

She continues to change, almost daily, right before our eyes.

Katie is trusting her brothers and playing with them, instead of hitting them and pushing them away.

She's playing and running, and jumping, and swimming.

She's growing out of clothes, which we are happily passing to our smaller friends.

She is happy most of the time, but also has her share of tantrums.  Are these adoption related?  No, I don't think so.  Have you met many five year olds?  I think they're age related.

She has grown an inch and a half and has gained five pounds.

Katie amazes us each day with how smart she is and with how seamlessly she has fit into our family and adjusted to family life.

She knows we are her family.  She will hug and kiss and sign "I love you".  And I don't think she's just mimicking something she has seen; she knows what it means and she knows what love feels like.

Happy two months home my sweet girl.


  1. I don't know if I've ever commented here before but I've followed along for a very long time. :)
    I loved the video! You want a very easy exercise to help kids (all of them not just Ds or SN) brains? Have them draw pictures that their hand crosses the midline. Watch her draw, When she wants to put something on the left side she leans over so her hand never goes beyond her nose. Same with erasing. Making your hand cross the midline makes both sidse of your brain work together. For some people (particularily learning struggles) it can be a LOT of work to cross the midline. Kids love to trace figure 8 and they make a great beginning design to practice on.

  2. Happy two months home sweet Katie! Redemption.

  3. Love her! She is doing so well!


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