Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend!
And, as we say here in the south, Happy Fall Y'all!

Do any of my fellow Ds mamas have issues with their kids eating non.stop?  Katie seriously was in the refrigerator every.single.time I turned around this weekend.  

This is the look on her face when I found her eating a half pound of sliced turkey.  For real.  She got into the fridge and grabbed what was in the turkey package and just started stuffing it into her mouth.  Uh, clearly she wasn't that hungry.  She also steals pudding cups, so watch it if she comes to your house.  

Hide your pudding, hide your turkey, lock your fridge.

The boys slept at my parents' house Saturday night, and Chris and I took Katie on a date to a wedding. 

While they were at my parents' house, the boys got some chicken farming experience.

Is it just me, or does Jack look 20 here?  My mom said they chased that chicken around and caught her themselves.  And she's probably traumatized and won't lay eggs for a week.

I loved the gift we brought to the wedding.  So much that I wanted to keep it.  I got a basket at Joann's and put a Red Velvet gourmet cupcake mix, a set of cupcake liners and picks, measuring spoons, and five monogrammed dish towels.  I shrink wrapped it all and made a little tag.

I also made two pillows for them.  They're both just unbleached cotton, one with their monogram (and that pillow was BIG) and one with their last initial.  Love!

It was obviously the first wedding Katie has been to.  She did a good job.  And she looked so cute!

She was a little restless during the waiting part at the church when we first got there.  She was getting a little loud until I told her the baby behind us was sleeping.  Then she was obsessed with looking at the baby, telling me to hush, and signing sleep.  

There was a chocolate fountain at the reception.

Katie liked that as much as she likes a pudding cup.

Here's a rare shot of us all dressed up.  And Chris wearing pants.  (For those who don't know us in real life, Chris wears khaki shorts 365 days a year.  We had to buy pants for him to wear in Russia!  Those are them.)  You might also notice Chris did his hair like Tintin.  Completely unintentional.

The wedding photographer took a similar picture of us, and we will be able to download it on Friday.  I'll be stalking that website like Katie stalks the deli meat aisle at Publix.

Our weather today was gorgeous.  Everyone in our house under five feet tall was a little grumpy this afternoon so we decided to go for a walk.  Katie brought two naked babies she crammed into a stroller and her purple purse.  Which was empty.

David and Jack rode their bikes, and Henry stayed inside and played on the computer.  (Before you report me to DCS, please know that we walked to the end of our road and back.  Not six miles away.  He was in no danger.)

Katie saw the boys putting their bike helmets on and ran as fast as her little legs would take her to the laundry room to get her helmet.  She wore it up the street for part of the walk, but it kept falling off because she wouldn't let me tighten it.  I got the pleasure of carrying it the rest of the way.

She pranced herself right up the road, only leaving her babies in the middle of the street if a dog came in her direction.  And in our 100 yard walk, we saw three dogs.

Jack had his first bike accident.  Chris carried Jack crying back to our house to tend to his wound, and I pushed his bike back down the street with little mama K.  
And of course it happened at the other end of the street.  

She was very concerned about his booboos when we got home.

He recovered quickly.

I put the only one of the new curtains I made for the breakfast room on the back door.  Why did I never put a curtain on this door before?!  I got a $5.00 cafe curtain rod at Dollar General and it's perfect.

The boys and I put these on the stairs today.  David and Jack love them.  I don't even know if Henry noticed.  They freaked out the dogs and Katie!

Does anyone have any good tips for cleaning this bad boy?  More specifically, for cleaning the crystals?  It's hanging in our entry, and it's about 30 feet up in the air.  I can sort of reach it if I stand on a chair near our upstairs railing, but it makes me uber nervous.  My preferred method of cleaning it would be to take it down and replace it, but that's not in the cards right now.

Speaking of cleaning....
For real y'all, this is what our playroom looked like today.

Let's keep it real.
This does not make me happy.
In fact, it makes me itch.
When we moved to this house, I was SO excited for a playroom.  You know, so I could just close the door and who cares if there's a mess, and all that.  Well, I care.  I care if it's a dump and I hate it.  There needs to be a mass toy purge of 2012 soon.  And it will need to take place while David is at school, because he's a hoarder and will freak if one Lincoln Log is gone and he knows it.

Katie had a bit of an identity crisis this afternoon....She was a little bit Robin, a little bit Mario.

She and Jack were playing babies.  For Jack's third birthday, he got this doll.  He quickly gave her the very un-PC name of "Baby Brownie".  Seriously.  And, of course, the name stuck.  He drags Baby Brownie all over town with him, although that is happening less and less now.  But always, when playing babies, he's the daddy to Baby Brownie and won't let anyone else touch her.  He loves her very much.  He had her all wrapped up in Katie's pink blanket this afternoon and tucked into bed.  He also had a bottle propped up next to her, so clearly we need to have a talk about bottle feeding babies in bed.

Katie wrapped up her own baby and rocked him back and forth.  She has come a long way from being terrified of dolls!  

I hope you had a great weekend too!


  1. I want to get married AND have a birthday party just so you will make me/bring me awesome gifts! Also, Katie looks giant and grown up in the picture with her stroller. (right above the bike crash one) I think that's all. Love you!

  2. She is so adorable. Lots of kids who have been orphaned have food issues. We don't anymore with Dariya but, we did when she first came home. Lots of older kids hide and steal food lots. Very typical institutional behavior.
    It will go away in time.
    She looks adorable! What a fun weekend for you guys.

  3. It's been a while since I've checked in on your blog (I miss your fun comments in the Russia FB group :( Anyway, I think I was so taken by your story because you were one of the first moms to travel & bring your child home that I got to follow along with. It is so wonderful to see Katie just thriving (on turkey and pudding, of course!) You have such a fun family, they all seem to be perfect for each other!

  4. I absolutely love your blog. Katie is cute as a bug (seriously, have you thought about getting her signed with a child modelling agency or something?) and your pictures are fantastic. I've been following since early in your adoption, and I'm just in awe of how passionate and articulate your writing is. It's awesome to see how much you appreciate Katie for being exactly who she is. Happy fall!


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