Saturday, July 6, 2013

See Mama Sew: Day Seven

See Mama Sew. . . a string bikini?

Yes, that happened.  I made a string bikini for Katie's doll.  It is more like a tankini on her Bitty Baby, but also fits her knock off American Girl doll (from Target, with the wildest hair I've ever seen).  

And because a doll bikini wasn't funny enough, I also made her a grass skirt.  Aloha!

Then, because every girl at the beach needs a towel, I made her one of those too.

I think this would be a perfect little present for a friend's birthday party!  And I looked up American Girl swim sets. . . $32, and not as many pieces.  If I was going to give this as a gift, I'd include a little beach bag too.  Cute, cute, cute.  Someone please invite Katie to your party so I have a reason to make another! 

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  1. So cute, glad you are doing an Etsy store! Awesome!


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