Sunday, April 27, 2014

Remember what the playhouse looked like before?  We've started making some changes!  

Chris tore down the little wall that was in there and opened the whole thing up.  Clearly Jack was excited. . . 

We searched locally everywhere we could think of for some small windows.  We found nothing.  Like, seriously NOTHING.  I was so disappointed.  Then Chris found these adorable little windows and shutters online at readyshed.com.  They were very reasonably priced (about $28.00 for each window and about $13.00 for each pair of shutters) so we ordered four windows and four sets of shutters.  I just ordered window boxes for the windows too, and I can't wait to get them.

The windows and shutters arrived Friday, and we had fabulous weather yesterday so got started putting them in.

Jack was very helpful with the tape measure.  We got him his own yesterday evening, because he loved to measure. . . 

The windows are up, so I painted some samples to test my color choices.  The exterior will be the darker square, and the door will be the center green square.  (The door will be the same color as Katie's room.  It's Martha Stewart Sea Glass, and I'm still obsessed with it.)  We will trim the windows out, hang the shutters, and put up the window boxes.

Inside we've got tons of work to do!  The door will be made smaller and a window will be hung to the side of it.  That will give us five windows total, and the door will be a dutch door.  The goal is, obviously, to have a lot of air flowing through.  We also ordered a solar exhaust fan to help with circulating the air.  

We're doing bead board paneling around the bottom of the whole house, with a thick baseboard and a chair rail.  We'll hang a thin plywood above the paneling, and paint it white.  The ceiling will stay open, and we're painting it white.  The floor will be white with the same sea glass paint striped on the floor.  The back left corner will have bunk beds.  Katie's birthday party this year will be a playhouse warming party, so it will have to be done before then!  

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  1. Love it! I was wondering how you were doing with it.


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