Sunday, April 29, 2012

Catching Up

I have been very lax with my blog since we came back from our last trip.  We have been busy!  This time of year is crazy for us - we have baseball, boy scouts, two birthdays, Easter, and the end of school.  Throw an international adoption and three trips to Eastern Europe in there, and we're running around like crazy.

We've played some baseball.  And gone undefeated, I might add.  Likely not due to the stellar playing of these two. . . we're definitely in it for the fun.  The other boys on our team are far more experienced and skilled than David and Henry.  However, they really enjoy it.  And we haven't cried once at practice!  And David stays in the dugout for the entire game!  These are big wins for us.

They've both gotten some good hits and have scored some runs.

And may or may not still be afraid of the ball......

Henry had a fantastic birthday.  And thinking of him being seven years old makes me seriously want to take to my bed.

We had a small family celebration on his actual birthday.

He picked pizza for dinner.

And we had a small, store bought cake on his actual day.  We had a great Willy Wonka birthday party over the weekend, which will get its own post.

We hit the Lego store during his birthday weekend.  They also made bears at Build-A-Bear, which Henry has seriously been asking to do for three years.

We have done a lot of giggling and laughing.  Can you stand how cute this face is?  You should hear the giggle that comes out of it.

We've built some Hero Factory Lego creations.

I've packed Katie Ruth's suitcase.

I got a fabulous gift for Administrative Professionals Day.  Who knew that was even a holiday?!  It's a date night gift basket with a movie gift certificate and dinner gift certificate so Chris and I can have a night out before Katie comes home.

Today we went to my parents' house.  David spent some time watching the chickens with Gigi.

The boys did some swimming.

It was a bit chilly for me at 74 degrees.  Which is ironic, because that's probably as warm as the water EVER gets in Massachusetts (where I grew up) but now I would never get in it at that temperature!

David climbed into the coop and became one with the chickens.

Jack swam, ate, and tried to finagle ways to get out of wearing his brace on his arm.  I am so hopeful that we will be done with that in two weeks at his follow up appointment.

We ate ice creams, rode bikes, and played in the beautiful weather we had.  What a life we've got.  We are so lucky.

Henry got a sewing machine and a sewing book for his birthday.  When we came home, the big boys and I started working on a project from Henry's book.

They are both making a small drawstring bag.  They are off to a great start!  They were so careful with the pins and the needle, and they followed directions very well.  They were patient and thorough, which is tough to be when you're a seven or eight year old boy.

I cannot believe I leave to pick up this little pumpkin in 14 days.  I cannot wait for her to get home and be a part of all of the fun we're having.

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