Monday, September 10, 2012

One Fabulous Weekend

Guess who decided this weekend that she was done wearing diapers?
She went two days with underpants all day long and only had two accidents, both of which were on the bathroom floor as she was trying to get herself undressed to go potty.  I'm so proud of her!

True story - this is what I saw when I opened the bathroom door on Friday morning.

Saturday morning we went to the Discovery Center.  It was Katie's first trip, and she loved it.  We renewed our membership, and Chris is going to start taking Jack and Katie to the classes during the week on the days they don't have school.

I love to see how exciting everything is for Katie as she tries it for the first time.  The smallest things, that we totally take for granted, are so interesting and new for her.  

And she wore her big girl underpants here without an accident and used the big potty.  
She did so, so great!

David was o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d. with this snake.
It was a ball python and I wanted to puke.
The boy who volunteers there (and somehow ended up as the freaking snake whisperer?!) was so great and patient with David.  

To say that David loved the thing would be a gross understatement.  We spent more time with Billie the snake than anything else.

And, of course, the first thing he said in the car was, "I want a SNAKE for Christmas!"  
Uh, no.
And the snake boy who works there later found out he wasn't supposed to let anyone else hold the snake....I hope he didn't get in trouble, because he was fantastic with the kids and very careful, and David will seriously talk about this experience for years.  And that is not an exaggeration.

Yes, he seriously did this.  
And loved it.

I even held it....I wanted to show David that even if something makes you nervous you should try.  
I hated every.second. of it.

After the Discovery Center, we went to Toots for lunch.  The boys love it there, and have been asking for months to go.  We introduced Katie to fried pickles and she loved them.  

After Toots, we went to WalMart.  Where we seriously saw this woman.  Yes, those are rollers in her hair.  And yes, I blurred her face.  Because I don't want her to sue me if she reads my blog.... Although she doesn't strike me as a blogger.

Here's a funny thing that happened in WalMart. . . Chris was waiting in the car with the boys while I ran in.  And by running in, I mean I was in there for probably 45 minutes.  So I was checking out in the vision center (buying Katie a Hello Kitty glasses case and a strap for her glasses) and my phone rang.  It was Chris, but I didn't answer because I was talking to the cashier.  Who, by the way, was so unfriendly and acted like she hated her life working at WalMart on a Saturday afternoon having to deal with my question about whether the strap they had was the only option for children.  Then Chris sent me a text message that said, "Hey".  That was it.  Uh, hey yourself.  So I called him back, knowing he was in the parking lot.  I figured he wanted a Sprite or something.  Yes, that is seriously our life.  Oh no, not a Sprite.  He said, "Hey, while you're in there will you get a little gas can?"  I said, "Sure, but don't you have one of those at home for the lawnmower?"  His reply was, "Yes, but I need it now.  We just ran out of gas.  In the parking lot."  I'd like to note, I'm literally cracking up laughing as I type this. It's still hilarious to me!  You see, Chris got a notice to renew his license (ahem, in August) that he has put on the instrument panel of the car.  You know, as a reminder.  Well, it seems that little paper covers the gas gauge.  And we ran out of gas in the WalMart parking lot.  Which, I have to say, I find the WalMart parking lot to the the ideal place to run out of gas.  There's a gas station there!  Because I promise you, had that happened on the road somewhere, Mama would not be laughing about it.  At all. Ever.

Our weather this weekend was ideal.  And is clearly supposed to be for the next week.  We've had our windows open downstairs for the whole weekend and have slept with them open, which I LOVE.  (I don't love it when I hear my trashy neighbor revving the engine on his car constantly, but there are tradeoffs to everything people.)  We went for a bike ride yesterday, and Katie rode in the trailer for the first time.  She loved it!  We're going to take advantage of the weather this week and go on more rides.  We don't have a great neighborhood for riding, so I may take the boys to the park to ride there.

We did some baking.  And yes, my children are most often found running around our house in their undies.  What?  You don't do that at your house?  Saturday we made apple crisp.  Jack and Katie are quite the helpers in the kitchen.

This was Jack's reaction when he realized it had no chocolate. 

Sunday we made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, which were more like blobs than cookies.  We'll have to revisit that recipe and try again.  Henry said, "These smell disgusting, but taste great!"  Um, thanks?  

I hope your weekend was as great as our's!


  1. It brings me so much joy to see that little girl experience living with a family and brothers. She is an amazing being and her radiance shines on everything.

  2. YAY Katie girl! Rock star!!!! It does look like a fabulous weekend.

  3. Go Katie!!!! She is just the cutest thing.
    And the python... yuck... You are one brave mama :)


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