Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ten Months Home & World Down Syndrome Awareness Day

Can you believe this little lady has been home for ten months now??  We were so excited to celebrate 3-21, World Down Syndrome Awareness Day with our own little bundle of extra chromosomes.  We both were sporting our yellow and blue!  

Katie has changed immeasurably in ten months.  She is hardly even the same child.  She is outgoing, gregarious, affectionate, smart, generous, polite, silly, and fun.  She has friends at school, loves to go to the park, likes to read and sing, and is the self-proclaimed boss of her class.  (Some may say she gets that from her mama . . . )

Are there challenges?  Of course.  Nobody with children - typical children or special needs children - can say that parenting them is without challenge.  I can say, however, with one hundred percent certainty, that our lives are better because Katie is part of our family.  

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