Monday, May 20, 2013

The Simpson Six: One Year Later

One year ago, Katie and I arrived at the Nashville airport and our family finally became the Simpson Six.  

We celebrated her homecoming with a little cookout.  Because really, I like to make a party out of everything.

The pool at Gigi and Grampy's is open and, though a little chilly, got a lot of use!

Katie was so excited and happy.  

She was a little fish, in the water almost all day.

She tried without her life jacket on one time.  She threw her little boats into the pool and jumped in after them.  She saw to them, grabbed them up, and turned to swim back.  Then she realized she was doing it on her own . . . and stopped swimming.  I let her try for a second, but she started to panic so I went in (in my dress) and got her.  Thankfully I could reach her from the ladder and didn't have to full on jump in!  She kept the life jacket on for the rest of the day.  And we're signing up for swim lessons today.  She just needs a refresher. . . she was swimming without a jacket last year.

Almost exactly one year ago. . . look at how much they've changed!

The big boys did lots of swimming and splashing.  

Katie did some iPhone-ing.  Does she look 13 years old here?!  I am in love with her swimsuit.  It's from Target, and it's so cute on her.

Jack showed off his newest trick . . . eye crossing.  

Everyone enjoyed some cupcakes.  
Or at least the frosting.

Jack conned everyone around him into playing baseball with him, and Katie was his dutiful catcher.  Look at how great her legs look - almost no bowing!!  This is an enormous change from last year.  I noticed yesterday that her posture is vastly improved as well, and I think that's from strengthening and stabilizing her core muscles.  I'm so proud of my girl.

She loves her Gramps!

And because I love a before and after. . . 

Here we are, celebrating one year as the Simpson Six.  
I can't believe how lucky we are.

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