Monday, May 5, 2014

More Chalk Paint. And the Cutest Footstool Ever

I'm on a little bloggy roll!  I probably shouldn't jinx myself.  

I continued my craft-a-palooza this weekend, and loved it.

We started our morning on Saturday going to a couple of yard sales (pretty much a bust) and getting some ice cream.

After this boy played baseball, my mother-in-law and I went to pick Henry up from my parents' house, where he had spent the night.

We ran into Goodwill on our way home, because I was looking for a little footstool for the playhouse.  My friend Stephanie has an amazing ottoman at her house.  It's one that her mom recovered, and it's covered with patchworky goodness.  I.love.it.  That was my inspiration for the playhouse footstool/little seat.  I didn't really think I'd find anything at GW, because I normally can't go with something specific in mind.

My MIL found this stool.  AHHHH!!!  Perfection!  *I realize most people won't look at this and think "perfection".*  It was five dollars and the absolute ideal size.  It was also begging for a makeover. And yes, I realize how creepy Jack looks in this picture.

It has a lovely red velvet lining.  Hideous, but the kids think it's hilarious.  And the lining is in fine condition, so I left it.  There was a receipt inside from Wal Mart in 1997.

I pulled off the trim and the 1,000 tacks that they used to hold it on, then pulled off the disgusting cover.  All I could think was that some old woman used to prop her gross feet up on it to clip her toenails....

I used four fabrics and cut 4"x4" squares, then just sewed them all together, making sure I didn't have any of the same squares touching each other.  I lined it up on top and stapled away.  I had some jumbo red rick rack trim, so put that where the previous trim (which essentially disintegrated in my hands as I was removing it) was.

It is so cute with its little makeover, and I can't wait to see it in the playhouse.  Though I like it in the hallway, and may need to be on the lookout for another!  Total cost?  $5.00.  I had the scraps of fabric and rick rack, so the only cost was the stool and an hour of my time.

Yesterday, Jack and I got some flowers for the patio and porch.  He and Katie helped me plant them.  Have you ever had someone in a wheelchair who can't move half of her body help you plant flowers?  It's interesting, to say the least.  I'm fairly certain she got more dirt on the patio, herself, and me than in any pots.

After our flowers, Katie was crabby and she and I laid down for a nap.  She actually slept for about 90 minutes, and that child NEVER takes a nap.  

When we got up, I got her settled with a movie and iPad, and hauled our coffee table out to the porch.

I didn't take a picture of it, but this was it.  This picture is from three years ago, and our living room looks NOTHING like that anymore.  Thank God we don't have those couches.  I hated both of them!  I also hate that coffee table, and I don't know why I didn't paint it years ago.  I really want a rectangular table, but this will have to do for now.

I used the other sample container of the paint I got for testing exterior colors for the playhouse.  This one is Sherwin Williams perfect greige.  

I also painted this little table, which had been on our porch for years.  It was looking ROUGH.  

I did some distressing on the coffee table, and it was almost dark outside by the time I was done so these photos are awful.

I did two coats of wax on the top, buffing in between.  It is such a huge improvement!  I'll have to take more pictures next weekend when I get do it with better lighting.  (And, um, with no beanbag and discarded quilt in the background!)

The little table came out really cute too.  I have it on our porch for now, but it may end up in the playhouse.  It might be too little, so we're just going to leave it on the porch for now and see once we get a little further along with the playhouse.

I hope you had a great weekend!

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