Thursday, August 4, 2011

So I'm Thinking. . .

 . . . Maybe I would have more luck completing the mountain of adoption paperwork we still have for our dossier if I spent my evenings working on it.  You know, as opposed to reading other people's blogs about their adoptions.  I'm just saying. . . 

In other news, Chris and I had our psychological evaluations yesterday.  Our report should be ready in the next week or so.  We are still waiting for our marriage certificates to come in the mail.  From HAWAII.  If I knew we would be adopting and need multiple copies of documents, we may have reconsidered getting married so far away!  We're waiting, waiting, waiting.  Waiting for our passports to come (mine is a renewal, Chris is a new application).  Waiting for our FBI fingerprinting to come back.  Waiting for our UCIS approval.  Waiting for our biometrics fingerprinting appointment.  Waiting for our psychological evaluation results.  Waiting for our homestudy report to be completed, which cannot happen until a good portion of the previous list is completed.  Waiting to finish filling out paperwork, which I can't do without a lot of the previous list being done.  Waiting for our yard sale so we can *hopefully* make some money so my checkbook will stop cringing every single time I open my wallet!

Have I mentioned I'm not a patient person??  All of the waiting will be worth it to love on this girl!


  1. I'm laughing because I procrastinate by reading other people's blogs when I should be doing paperwork. I just feel so overwhelmed by it all right now. I have called over 20 psychologist and finally found one that said he would see us for 4 weeks and then write up a report but he would not give us the test because he doesn't like them. And getting doctor's appointments for all my children hasn't gone well either. Glad to hear things are moving along for you :)

  2. Hi!! I have a couple questions for you, would you please email me at forhisgloryhandiwork (at) gmail (dot) com? Thank you!!


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