Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 6 of 31 of Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Love that sweet "cheeeeese" face!

I hope you have a great Saturday!  Today we've got two birthday parties and I think we'll hit our local "Art in the Park".

And it's supposed to be 55 degrees today.  That's almost like winter here!


  1. The cuteness blows me away! She is just perfect!

  2. I come to your blog everyday to see that beautiful little girls' smile. It makes me remember all of the beauty and good in the world. It is a breath of fresh air. Thank you for giving her the opportunity to reach her potential and bless the world with her smile.

  3. hi kim,

    it's been a looooonnnnggggg time since we worked together at the GAP, but i haven't forgotten about you or your out-going personality, sense of humor and huge heart!

    due to my job (principal of elementary school) i am not "on" facebook, but occasionally take a peak when i receive a text from my sister or friend to check something out. last week, you were on my feed and i was blown away by your life adventures. wow!! you are an inspiration to many. katie (and your boys) are so fortunate to have such role models as parents. your "journals" of life have been enjoyable to read. they serve as a gentle reminder to appreciate each day, plan less, and be more present.

    thank you. i'll be sure to continue to follow your adventures.

    be well- kate (coltin) callahan

  4. Ms K is just adorable! That pic is priceless!


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