Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Resolutions

Do you make resolutions?  I normally don't.  This year I am.  There are some things I really want to accomplish this year.  They are:

1.  Keep using my Advocare products and lose thirty-five more pounds.  I know I can do this.  I lost 35 in six months in 2012, so 35 in twelve months is totally possible.

2.  Use my new gym membership at least three times per week. Thankfully the gym is open 24 hours a day...

3.  Not hate Tourette syndrome so much.  We are so lucky to not have had many symptoms of David's Tourette's for the last nine months or so.  It's been back strong in the last three weeks, and I hate it.  It makes me mad and sad and angry and irritated and want to punch someone.  Instead of feeling that way, I need to do more research to figure out why it's been such an issue recently, and how we can get back to no symptoms.  I don't help David by hating Tourette's, and I need to help him.

4.  Get our budget back on track.  Enough said.

5.  Continue changing our family's eating habits.  This is going to be an ongoing process, I assure you.

6.  Sew more.  I am not the best or the fastest sewer, but I like it and people like receiving handmade gifts.  This year I will sew more.

7.  Continue to make our house more organized.  Right now it often feels like organized chaos.  Keeping things organized with six people in our house can be a challenge.  We're all going to work on this.  

What are your resolutions?

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  1. Sorry to hear the Tourette's is back with a vengence. I feel your pain and anger and frustration and sadness...
    When our daughter has a few good weeks without many symptoms of anxiety or sensory processing disorder and then out of the blue has a day so bad we can't even believe it's the same child, it's all I can do to keep it together.
    Hang in there, the holiday excitement seems to have affected both of my kids negatively even though we all love the holidays. I think it's just extra for their brain to process which is too much when you're already coping with a disorder. Things already seem to be improving now that the traveling/presents/crowds of people/special activities/etc. is over.
    Good luck with your resolutions!


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