Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Katie's Gigi Blanket

My mom gave Katie a very special Christmas gift for her first Christmas!

She has made each of the boys a Gigi blanket, which is a handmade quilt.  I got David's before he was born, at my baby shower.  It is his favorite possession.  It's had to be repaired three times I think.  Henry's actually got two - a small one that is an I-spy quilt, which he got when he was a baby and one that is a twin size and was a project for literally 30 years.  It has pieces of clothing that my sister and I wore when we were little.  Jack's was a birthday gift last year when he turned four and it's never far from him.  

Katie's is beautiful!  

It's a Matryoshka doll pattern, and the colors are absolutely perfect in her room.

I love the fabrics she picked.  

My mom works so hard on these, and my kids love them so much.

The little Matryoshka dolls are perfect!


  1. it's beautiful and your mom is a treasure!!

  2. LOOOVE it! I saw your mama yesterday (at Starbucks!) and I forgot to tell her what a great job she did on Katie's blanket...but I'm sure she already knows! You seriously have the BEST.PARENTS.EVER.


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