Saturday, January 4, 2014

Surviving the Spica: What's Cooking?

Remember last year when we found out Katie needed surgery to correct her hip dysplasia?  Then her surgery got pushed up three and a half months?  Then her surgery got canceled?  Oh well it's back on.  We're currently scheduled for late March, but hopefully will get bumped up again on the cancellation list.  Sooo....That means I'm cooking.

I went today and got lots of foil, foil pans, freezer bags, and muffin liners.

I'm also pretty sure that this fridge in our laundry room has never been so full.  

Seriously?  I don't think I could cram one more can in there.

I have lots and lots of goodies on my list to make.  I'll share all of the recipes with you after I get cooking tomorrow.

Also on my surgery prep to-do list?  Making Katie some cute hospital gowns to wear, a few new pillowcases, and some of each of those goodies to donate to other children in the hospital.  She might as well look cute while she's laying there!

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