Thursday, January 2, 2014

The End of Vacation

We leave tomorrow to head home from our vacation.  Boo!  We've had such a fabulous time.  I really needed to spend this time with my family.  I feel like I haven't seen them for months.  I was so glad to do things like laundry and pick up after them.  I know that sounds ridiculous, but I feel like I haven't been able to do those things because I've been so crazy busy.

Last night we went swimming.  At night!  The kids were so excited.

This little pumpkin was most excited.  She's a little fish.

They all loved it.  The pool is huge and warm, and they were so good and fun.

Today we went to Hollywood Studios.  (Universal?  I never know what to call that place.)  David and Jack rode the Tower of Terror, and Henry wasn't interested.  And, um, Katie would have died with nervousness.  Henry, Katie and I watched the Muppet 3-d movie, got some lunch, and just hung out.  David HATED the Tower of Terror.  Jack, the dare devil who knows no fear, loved it.  Katie would seriously maybe have died.  She threw up on the Haunted Mansion and the Epcot Spaceship Earth.  Neither of them were fast or scary.  I think she gets nervous when it's an enclosed, dark ride.  And, winner, winner chicken dinner, I was riding with her both times.

I rode Star Tours with the boys.  I liked that ride!  And they loved it.  Jack screamed, "This is the time of my life!" like 10 times during the ride.  And told everyone in line that he's almost six, he's already five, and his birthday, "is in like 9 days or something."  That child has never met a stranger.

We came back from Hollywood Studios today and were locked out of our room.  Oops.  That may or may not have been my fault.  The kids were so good just sitting on the porch and playing while Chris went to get a new key.  Katie played with a piece of trash from Jack's toy.  That's some entertainment...

Tonight Jack and I went on a date to Ikea.  We got a few things and are going to go back in the morning after we check out of our hotel to get an island for our kitchen.  I've been wanting it for quite a while.  I got a nice Christmas gift from my boss (ie: money), and haven't used any of it, so I'm going to get it.  So hey kids!  Push over so my flat packed kitchen island can fit in the car for our 10 hour ride home.  Don't you wish you were coming with us?!

We've had a great time.  I'm excited to get home and start cooking.  It's time to get ready for Katie's surgery!  My mission for the weekend is to fill our freezer with foods so that if we get a cancellation appointment for her surgery, we're ready to go.  I'm spending our time in the car finalizing my list of foods and my grocery/supply lists.  Or at least that's my plan. . . I promise a nap will take place too.  ;)


  1. Looks like so much fun! I'd totally be at Ikea, making my kids squish for a kitchen island, too. Love that place!

  2. I'm so glad you're blogging again! I love hearing about your boys and sweet Katie! I hope 2014 richly blesses your family of six :)

  3. I'm so glad you're blogging again! I love hearing about your boys and sweet Katie! I hope 2014 richly blesses your family of six :)

  4. Hollywood Studios is totally my favorite of the parks. Aidan LOVED star tours...I might have almost pulled a "katie" on that ride...such a pansy I am (like my Yoda like speak there??). And Kansas City is getting an Ikea this year and I am BEYOND excited. You have no idea


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