Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Crafty Business

So with The Crazy Kukla Boutique not currently taking orders, I've had time to make some fun things.  

This is my new favorite gift to make for a child.
It's a doll size Mai Tai carrier.

Jack used it for a kitty and Mr. Mouse.
And I had to pay him TEN DOLLARS to get him to try it on and let me take pictures.
He's quite an entrepreneur. . . 

The carrier is so cute - seriously just like one that the mama wears.

Jack pretended he hated it, but I knew he liked it.  
There may or may not be one of these going into the playhouse.

Tonight I finished a shirt and tutu set for a friend's little girl for her birthday party.  
It's a Candy Land party!

And, um, I totally made Jack try this on too.  He and Paisley, the birthday girl, are the same size and I needed a fit model.  No photos of that little gem.  :)

Next up?

Finishing up a sweet baby set for someone, and then a really, really cute project for the playhouse.  I seriously have to restrain myself from doing that before the baby set.  

And I'll leave you with something disgusting.  Katie's foot.

I'm sure you're thrilled I've shared.  Her cast, which you can see a tiny bit of in this photo, is gortex lined.  That seems to be sucking all of the moisture out of her body.  And she rubs this foot on something all.day.long.  Like it is her job.  It is so ridiculously dry and cracked and lizard like.  I can only imagine what it looks like underneath her cast.  We've been putting cream on it, but tomorrow I'm busting out the big guns and going for the coconut oil.  I sort of feel like that fixes anything, so I'm going to give it a run for its money with that foot!!


  1. In x-ray, there is NOTHING WORSE than having a patient whose cast just came off. It is SO STINKY and SO FILTHY and SO FLAKY all over your x-ray table. And as soon as it's off, she will itch the crap out of it for days, leaving flakes everywhere. You've been warned. You're welcome. xoxo.

  2. Love the carrier and the Candyland outfit. How cute is that! Hope Katie's foot gets better soon. I watched The Little Couple on TLC last night and I could swear little Zoe had on one of your chevron dresses!


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