Thursday, March 29, 2012

Seven Days To Go!

For real?

Seven more days until we leave again.

One week until we see this precious muffin.

I am so curious to see if she remembers us.  I think she will.

Things on my to-do list?
  1. Gifts for people at the orphanage, our driver, our translator, and our coordinator in country.
  2. Orphanage donations.
  3. Figure out what to wear to court.  I've narrowed it down to two dresses.  I may just bring both and decide there.
  4. Remember to bring a tie home from my office for Chris for court.  He doesn't own a tie.  We're not buying one for him to wear once.  He can borrow one of the 13,405 that are available at my office when he needs one.  One benefit of working with four overgrown fraternity brothers who look like lawyers.
  5. Do our photo album of the first trip.  We need this for court.
  6. Pack.
  7. Get Easter things ready for the Easter Bunny to do while we're gone.
  8. Plan Henry's birthday party.  In about 2 hours.  His birthday is 4 days after we return.

That's probably enough for now. . . 

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