Friday, June 22, 2012

Five for Friday (Plus 3 More)

This post started as a Tuesday Twelve post . . . And now it's Friday.

1.  We went to the Bell Buckle RC Cola and Moon Pie Festival last weekend.  It was Katie's first fair - fairs are big in the south.  And the first parade she saw. . . it was a less than memorable parade.

2.  We all had to have our pictures taken in the RC Cola can and the Moon Pie.  Even Gigi and I got in on the photos.

3.  We got ice cream at David's "favorite ice cream place in the WORLD!" at about 9:15 in the morning.

4.  We came home and played outside with the sprinkler while Katie took a nap.  This is the best $6.00 I've spent all summer.

5.  Sunday we had some homemade popsicles.  They were a hit!

It looks like we have a mess of kids in this picture!
6.  Guess who needs glasses?

This crazy girl, who spent the majority of her time in the waiting room with this shape sorter on her head.  

7.  Have you heard about Ryan and his banana split party?  

Ryan has Down syndrome and a heart defect, much like Katie.  However, Ryan is 21 months old and his parents have signed a DNR because the doctor's have told them they cannot do anything else for his heart.  When people have asked what they can do to help the family, Ryan's parents have said nothing; nothing but make memories with your own children.  Ryan's mom said, "Just go put a banana split down in front of your kids for dinner and watch their faces light up. No chicken, rice and broccoli tonight, just ice cream. They're going to remember that forever."  

I like the way she thinks.  So tonight, we will make banana splits and memories for dinner.

8.  Favorite. Photo. Ever.


  1. I love Bell Buckle! Such a fun town.

  2. Love all the pics. She will even more adorable in glasses. We had to go with Erin's world b/c Dariya has no bridge on her nose. Hope you have better luck with Katie.


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