Sunday, June 3, 2012

Katie's Occupational Therapy Evaluation

Katie has a slew of appointments coming up - cardiologist tomorrow, endocrinologist Wednesday, opthamologist next week, speech therapy evaluation and physical therapy evaluations after that, follow up with the pediatrician in July, and Down syndrome clinic in August.  Yesterday we took Katie for her OT evaluation with our beloved Ms. Dana.  David has seen Ms. Dana for over a year, and we absolutely love her.

We took Katie yesterday morning, and she had a great evaluation with Dana.  She rode a tiny little stationary bicycle, walked on the world's tiniest treadmill, jumped on a trampoline, went on a swing, explored Ms. Dana's barn, drew pictures, and so much more.  And - wait for it - DOESN'T NEED OT!!  Dana said, other than Katie's speech/language issues, she's very typical.  TYPICAL!  We talked about school and who she suggests we use for speech and for physical therapy, and she said we will reevaluate in six months but right now there is no need for OT.  I was shocked, and so proud of sweet Katie.

After the evaluation, Dana brought Katie out to see the horses.  The physical therapist she suggests we see uses hippotherapy in conjunction with traditional physical therapy, and Dana thinks Katie would love it.  After seeing her with Dana's horses, I agree!

She was very wary at first. 

That didn't last long.

She looks TINY on this horse!

She loved them and she kissed them both before we left.

She and Jack both "rode" the horse swing.

Then we went to see the peacocks.  

I love this picture - she looks so free! 


  1. YAY for Katie, Hope all her appts go smoothly and there are no surprises.


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