Monday, February 4, 2013

Katie's first U.S. Snow

We had a snow day on Friday, which really ended up being a dud.  There was no snow.  At all.  Saturday morning though, we did have snow that hung around for longer than it took for the flakes to hit the ground.  Our children were ecstatic!  This New England transplant mama?  Notsomuch. 

We loaded everyone up with their "snow gear" (which was really, really a pitiful attempt at snow gear) and they went outside.  Katie, the Russian child who should love snow the most?  Not so impressed.  She was the last one out and the first one back in.

While we took this, David was frantically trying to build a snow fort.
We got a quarter of an inch of snow.

This little boy loved the snow.  He was the first one dressed (which in itself is a miracle) and out the door, and the last one to come in.  He stayed out after all of our other children had come in and played with the neighbor.  He loved the snow!  I think he had the bulk of the snow from our yard on his clothes when he finally came in.

Yes, she has socks on her hands.  Two pairs.  Don't judge.

She was mad that she couldn't clean the snow off of everything.  Like the ground.  She tolerated it, but she wasn't a big fan.  Like mama, like daughter.

I was excited to wear the hat I got last winter.  And I find it incredibly ironic that I wore it in Tennessee for the first time, with my Russian child, since I bought it to wear in Russia while visiting her.  I like wearing it here with her much more.  

My favorite part of playing in the snow is the snuggling and hot chocolate after.  And this up close shot makes me wonder how much braces are costing these days....


  1. I was only going to judge you if she had one pair of socks on her hands LOL

  2. yeah i just took my daughter to the dentist. LOL it's gonna cost more than my last used car. ugh

    i hate snow. I grew up in OH and I told somebody at work yesterday "my whole life, every winter the skin on my hands cracked open and bled, it was so painful. Since I've lived in the South my hands never do that anymore"

    I'm never. going. back.

  3. Holy critter teeth!! And how much do you look like our mother here?!

  4. Hahahaha! That's funny Vanessa. I went back and looked at the picture...I do look a little bit like her!


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