Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Coins Add Up!

We got this cup and a small baggy with "overflow" change in it returned to us today from Michelle in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  This is a perfect example of how quickly our change will add up. . . it was nothing but coins, and it had $30.50 in it!!!  Michelle said people from her office and her family contributed.  And when her daughter learned what it was for, she emptied her purse into the cup.  I love that children are getting involved with this!

Think about this - we have given out 179 cups and received six donations from people who live further away.  If each of the people with our 179 cups saved $30.50, we would raise $5,809.17 (including our six donations).  JUST FROM SAVING COINS!!!  I counted and rolled the coins from Michelle with the boys tonight, and they couldn't believe how much there was.  This is not a big cup!  I am so, so excited about this project!

This is sweet Olive in Keene, New Hampshire.  Her mama and I grew up about five minutes from each other but never knew each other until we lived 1,200 miles apart and started reading each other's blogs.  Small world?  Olive has two older brothers who are David and Henry's age, and Olive is three.  She and Jack were born within weeks of each other.  Olive's mama posted on my facebook today: 

Olive is excited that her "Katie Cup" came today!  She has been searching the house for coins so "Katie can have a mom and dad"!  Her cup is half full already!"  

And then she thanked me. . . um, thank you.  Thank you for teaching your child about giving and about generosity.  Thank for teaching your child that it's exciting to help other people.  Thank you for teaching your child about Katie and, in turn, about other children who need a mom and a dad.  Thank you for teaching your child about literally making a difference in someone else's life.  And, most of all, thank you for teaching your child about Katie, and for helping us bring her home.

I can't wait for Olive to see Katie at the lake in New Hampshire, to play in the sand, and splash in the water with her!  Thank you Briana, Kevin, Quinn, Logan, and Olive!!

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