Thursday, September 29, 2011

Coins for Katie Takes Over!

Remember when I told you about my friend Erin and our incredible Coins for Katie opportunity with her first grade class?  They handed out their cups today to the first grade. . . to NINETY students!

Erin sent me an email today that said:   

The cups went out today...the kids are so excited when we were talking about Katie and the wonderful family that wants to adopt her.  We all agreed that since we all love to help people in need, that we would love to help Katie find her family!

Some of the cutest comments from the day that I thought I would share...
  • "When I get my two dollars from my dad I am going to give one to Katie!"
  • "Can we give the green money too?"
  • "My mom is adopted."
  • "Can we fill it up two times?"
  • "I can take all the coins in my jar at home and put them in this cup!"
We are so excited that our family has the opportunity to be a part of such a great project!  


  1. I love this cup idea. Often people are overwhelmed thinking that they can not do much when the amount needed is so high, but with a little cup it seems so easy. It makes it easy to give a little and get everyone involved.

    I will be starting fundraising for our adoption soon as well and would love to have a copy of the email you shared with the 1st graders. (I teach pre-k and hope to be able to do this as well. If you would be willing to share what the letter said I would love that :) rebeccajenks@ymail.com

  2. This is soo awesome to get so many young kids involved! I think younger kids are soo much more likely to give than adults. They couldn't imagine what it would be like with out a mommy or daddy.

    I SOO wish I was a first grade teacher so I could do the same! :)



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