Monday, September 5, 2011

More Coins for Katie

Here is Sarah's Coins for Katie cup in Wisconsin.
Sarah is a remarkable young lady, who is 13 years old and has a real heart for orphans.  Her family has adopted from Eastern Europe, and Sarah is a fabulous advocate for many Reece's Rainbow children.  Sarah and her sweet friend Rachel have a blog through which they sell items they make (crochet, sew, etc.) to raise money for orphans.  They are truly incredible girls, and they are much better people at 13 years old than I could have dreamt of being.  They are generous, caring, and focused on helping others.  They've both got Coins for Katie cups (Rachel, email me a photo of yours so I can post it!) 

Sarah also has a blog named Matthew 18.14 .  ("It is not the will of my Father in Heaven that any of these little ones should perish.")  On her blog she posts a weekly Faithful Friday post, in which she highlights a family adopting.  We were here Faithful Friday post last week!  She wrote a very nice post about our family and about her excitement to help with Coins for Katie.  Take a look around both Sarah and Rachel's blogs and leave them a comment - let them know Katie Ruth's mama sent you!

And, because I could't resist. . . I added a bow to that sweet picture on our Coins for Katie jar.  She will after all be a Southern girl. . . 

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  1. Aww.. Thank you!!! You are so sweet! I'm just happy to do all I can to help you get that precious girl HOME, and to find others a family!

    And that bow in your jar is WAYY TOO CUTE!!! :D


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