Friday, December 9, 2011

Katie's First Christmas Gift

I had lunch with my friend Joey yesterday and she gave us Katie's first Christmas gift!  (You may remember me posting about Joey earlier and the delicious jam she gave us, as well as the tutu and hairbow she mad for Katie.) 

She gave us a really sweet book that I had never read, "On the Night You Were Born", by Nancy Tillman.  It's a perfect book that talks about how on the night you were born people celebrated and that there was never anyone like you born before.  It talks about how special "you" were on the night you were born, and how much we love "you" because of how special you are.  I cannot think of something more appropriate.  Although we obviously didn't know Katie on the day she was born, she is special to us already, and we will spend our lives making sure she knows that.  She may have had a rough start, but we want her to know how loved and special she is to our family, our friends, and people she will never even meet.  Joey also gave us a really soft, squishy, snuggly polar bear that we will bring with us to Katie's country when we travel for the first time.  We will leave it with her so she has something to snuggle.  I plan also to bring the book and read it to her while we're there.  I know she won't understand a word I'm saying, but someday she will.  Katie is so, so fortunate to have so many people who already love her and are praying for her and working hard to bring her home.  I can't wait for her to feel that herself!

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