Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We Love Hand-Me-Downs!

Katie Ruth has been so blessed to get some great hand-me-downs already from our friends.  Remember her Pottery Barn Kitchen from my friend Brandi and her little girl?  Well Ms. Brandi and Emma have again gifted us with a fabulous hand-me-down - a Fisher Price Loving Family House.  It's so fun!

Jack was SO excited to see it, and he started playing with it as soon as I brought it in the house last night.

We will get some more people for it, because as Jack pointed out, five babies can't live there all alone.  
And five babies are the only current occupants!

Jack said to me as soon as he got up this morning, 
"PLEASE come play babies with me!"

And just to show you how quickly Jack moves - all.the.time.- I thought 
I'd share these photos of him playing.

Thank you Brandi and Emma!
We love the dollhouse and will take good care of it!

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