Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Jack!

My sweet baby Jack turned five yesterday.
That makes me want to cry.
He wanted a Lord of the Rings party. . . there's not a whole lot of Lord of the Rings party stuff available.  Like, none.  And what exactly do you do at a Lord of the Rings party?  We had invitations with a Lord of the Rings character and a Lord of the Rings cake.  Everyone wanted to just play in our playroom anyway, so it worked out perfectly.

When I was at WalMart getting things for the party, I saw a photo booth kit for $6.00.  Yes please.  It had a polka dot backdrop and several props already assembled.  

It's possible that the adults liked the photo booth more than the children ....

Love that my dad tried to look at that photo of us on the camera after we took it.  And he used his "glasses" to look at it.

How cute are my parents?

Jack loved his cake.

I'm thrilled, because it is probably the worst one I've ever made.  OK, maybe Henry's huge blue H was worse (which was his special request - a blue H with "the same blue" polka dots).

After the party we went to the park.

David and Henry played pirates with some other kids at the park.

Is he five or twenty?

Katie worked so hard to climb this!

There's no way she would have done this by herself six months ago.

Jack was quite unhappy when it was time to leave.

He got to choose dinner - Pizza!

Happy birthday sweet boy.

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