Thursday, January 3, 2013

January Goals

So here's the thing about New Year's resolutions. . . I feel like the vast majority of them mine fizzle out because I have no accountability.  I'm changing that this year.  2013 is my year of change.  What better accountability do I have than my plethora of 13 blog readers?  I'm going to handle my resolutions the way I handle things at work:  break them down into manageable bits and do the thing I hate the most first to get it over with.  So, January's goals are:

1.  Do my second Advocare 24 Day Challenge.  

2.  Lose 5 pounds this month.

3.  Work out a minimum of 15 times this month.  I'm tracking it to make sure I hit my goal number.  And I really need to do this, or I'll look like a dumbass at my 5k in March.  There are very few things I hate more than looking like a dumbass!

4.  Make a January budget that is realistic, not what I wish it was.  

5.  Also, open new bank accounts and start moving our direct debit bills.  I hate changing banks, and I've procrastinated a long time about this.

6.  Change our life insurance policies and re-do our wills to establish a special needs trust for Katie.

7.  Drink 100 ounces of water each day.

8. Finish five more spots on my tablecloth.

9.  Get our adoption receipts organized for our taxes.

I think that's plenty for the first month.  Can't wait to start checking things off!


  1. You can do it! We're cheering you on! :)

  2. Nice!! We have a lot of the same goals. I signed up for a half marathaon in April one day when I was all pumped up about my fitness LOL. Now I am like, CRAP. THAT IS A LONG RUN. So I have the fitness goal AND a budget goal!! I am such a quitter so one of my "resolutions" is to not be a quitter of those things haahahaha


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