Friday, May 25, 2012

Q & A, Part 2

In February, I did a Q&A Post, which is one of the most frequently read posts on my blog.  In May, I posted the answers.  (I hope none of those were burning questions....)  I've had lots of questions left in the comments since our last trip, and most were left by people with No-Reply blogger IDs, so I can't respond to the questions.  I thought I'd do another Q&A post, and answer those questions and any others you may have.  So ask away!  And I promise not to wait three months to answer them this time!


  1. will you do it again?
    was hubby on board from the start...so many times i hear hubby takes longer to get this journey in his heart?

    what was your best and worst moment on this journey? xxxx

  2. I can FINALLY comment again!!! :) I have all sorts of questions for you....but I'm not sure you want me to ask them. ;) Ha ha!! Love you!!

  3. I'd love to know more about your first trip to the orphanage and if by chance you saw any of the other RR kiddos?

    What was the strangest food you ate in EE?

    And how's Katie adjustin' to the American livin'?[:
    She's beautiful!

  4. I have been following your blog for a while, but I think this is the first time I've commented. I found your blog on the Reece's Rainbow website. :)
    How are your boys adjusting to having Katie home? I'm especially interested in how your oldest is adjusting.


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