Saturday, October 1, 2011

Super Saturday Post

  • We got our apostilled marriage certificates in the mail today!  Thank you, Lt. Governor of Hawaii for not dragging your elected feet.  Now?  We are only waiting for two more documents - our apostilled FBI clearance letters to come back from Washington D.C. and our USCIS golden ticket! We are SO SO close to sending our documents to Katie's country.  Then what?  Then we wait for a travel date to meet this sweet girl.
  • I got a very special note yesterday.  (Delivered to me at work, which forced me to close my office door and cry like a small child. . . )  For those who don't know me in real life, BWM (the attorney I work for) and I are, in addition to working together, very good friends.  He has become literally like a brother to me.  His dad passed away in July, pretty unexpectedly.  The note I got was from another attorney in town, who has been friends with BWM for several years.  Her note was so thoughtful and said that she had thought long and hard about making a donation in memory of BWM's dad after he passed away, and that she wanted to donate to something that was dear to BWM's heart.  She included a check for us, and said that she couldn't think of anyplace else that BWM would want her to send her money.  I am literally crying as I type this.  It was such a heartfelt, sincere note and it means so much to me that she thinks that we will use the money she donated as a testament to BWM and his memories of his dad.  
  • We sent our pancake breakfast emails out this week.  We have had a HUGE response!  I can't wait for the breakfast to see how many people show up.  Since I've sent the email, we already got a $100.00 donation from one of my client's to our Reece's Rainbow fund, and have sold 4 breakfast tickets.
  • I've also gotten some great donations for our silent auction!  We got this cute cake box from Paige's Pantry.  She's donated a gift certificate (worth $30.00) to a parent and child cupcake class.  So fun!

  •  One of my favorite clients, who works for Dr. Walter Chitwood, also donated this fun gift set.  It has a travel mug, a notepad, a pen, a little lunchbox cooler, and - the best part - a gift certificate for ZOOM! Teeth Whitening!  This is worth $495.00!

  • We also got a card from our friend Jenny with the final total from her party.  Are you ready for this?  $1,300.00.  And that made me cry at the mailbox.  $1,300 from one single day, which all came from this little jar.

  • The softball tournament I mentioned will be held October 22nd.  There are already six teams signed up.  There will also be a home run derby and a cornhole tournament.  If you're local and interested in either playing or attending, email me and let me know.  I'd love to see you there!


  1. how wonderful!
    really would love you to come on over to the flight platform and link up on the first ever sharing sunday...link any fundraisers youhave dear friend and your posts about your journey. would be fab to have you along xxxx

  2. (Itemized, of course.)

    1. We are definitely buying pancake breakfast tickets! I'm waiting on my in-laws to tell me how many they need first so I can get them all at once.

    2. I've never heard of Paige's Pantry. What a great business idea...you ever seen me ice a cake?! It's pitiful.

    3. Do you purchase tickets to attend (as a spectatoro) the softball game? You know those Alberts are ALL ABOUT some softball!


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