Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's Mail Time!

I got a special package at my office today.

Have I mentioned before how much I love to get mail?
Christmas cards are my FAVORITE!
Chris and I knock each other down fight to be the first to the mailbox at Christmas.
Me?  Because I love Christmas cards.
Chris?  Because he loves to pick on me.

The package was sent to me by the daughter of one of my clients.
She's 15, and one of the sweetest girls I've met.
Her entire family has been so supportive of our journey to Katie.
Maddi has volunteered to help with our breakfast,
and she came up all on her own with the idea to send me this package.
What was in it?

My favorite color. . . 
She ordered us 600 bracelets to use as a fundraiser and 
way for people to show their support for Katie!

They're fabulous!
They say "The Simpson Six" on one side and 
"Help Us Bring Katie Home" on the other.

Maddi and her family are so generous and fun, and everyone is so excited about the bracelets.  Everyone in my office put one on as soon as the package came.  
We're selling them for $1.00 each - let me know if you'd like one!  
We want to see pink on everyone!

Thanks Maddi - for the bracelets, your friendship, and your support!


  1. I want a couple! :D Donating $10 to your FSP now! I had better get 5 of them... so no one (who knows the difference!) gets left out. :) Do you still have my address??

  2. We want some! I will buy 5. One for me, one for each of my kids and one for my mom. I'm depositing the money from our very full "Katie Cup" tonight and will send it to you via PayPal along with the additional $ for the bracelets.

  3. I would love to get a couple. Can you email me at stephaniejowiebe@yahoo.com, for info on how to pay you or order them.
    Stephanie @ theshortonescookingblog.blogspot.com


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