Sunday, October 30, 2011

Crafty weekend!

So now that our dossier is sent off, all I have left to do for Katie is wait.
And I am not good at waiting patiently.
I must have something to do.
Thankfully, three children, a full-time job, a husband, two dogs, and a 120 year old house leave me plenty to do.  Most of which I neglected this weekend to do some crafty things.

And I should start with a confession. . . 
I have Ballard Designs tastes.
On a Big Lots budget.
I'm very frugal.  
It's like a game to me to see how inexpensively I can do something, but I still want it to look amazing.
If you know me in real life, I PROMISE you have heard me say, "I'm not going to buy that.  I could make that!"

I made a bunch of pillows for Katie's room this weekend, most for the window seat.  
I am OBSESSED with these fabric flowers.  
They are so incredibly easy, and I love them!
Total cost for all of the pillows I made for her room?
Zero dollars.
Everything I used to make the pillows I already had.
The material and stuffing were all things I had left from previous projects.

Next up? 
This hideous chair.
It was a leftover at my office when we moved in.
It was going to the dump, but I can't throw furniture away.
I rescued it, but it is ugly.
Good bones, ugly (professional) cover on the seat.

Need a closer look?
Hello 1980's hotel lobby.

I like this much better.
This is the infamous drop cloth material.
I bought four painter's drop cloths last year.
I have made dining room curtains, monogrammed pillows for the boys, recovered a rocking chair cushion, pillows for Katie's room, fabric flowers, covered the lampshade in Katie's room, and now recovered this chair.  That's some serious mileage out of $60 worth of material.
Total cost for this project?  
Zero dollars again.
The chair was "trash" from my office and the material was scrap I already had.

I put this little bolster pillow I also made this weekend on.
I'm loving the orange with the green walls.

The chair oddly goes really well with this little vanity we have.

I also painted this bookcase this weekend.
It was just primed when we got it.
And not primed well.
I painted it with two coats of glossy white.
I lined the back of each shelf with this cute paper.

I have extra that I'm going to use for some mats on some frames I'm working on.
Price breakdown:
Bookcase - Free.  It was given to us.
Paint - Leftover from painting our downstairs hall built-in.
Paper - 9 sheets, normally 59 cents each at Hobby Lobby.  I got them on sale, and they were 50% off, so I paid $2.66.
Total project cost?  $2.66!


  1. Great job on your spending budget. And great job nesting while you wait.

    Carlene's soon to be momma :)

  2. You are so thrifty and crafty! Love these posts! :)

  3. oh how I wish you lived closer!!! You are speaking my language girl and i love it!! Way to go with the crafts...things that will be keeping us busy during this waiting process, eh?


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