Saturday, November 10, 2012

Giving Thanks Day Nine - Teachers

Today, and really every day, I am SO thankful for the teachers our kids have this year!  All of our children have different educational needs, and the start of the school year makes me have a lot of sleepless nights worrying about how they will mesh with their teachers. 

David needs someone who will be strict but loving to him, and someone who will push him instead of letting him do what he needs to so he can go read a book.  That can be hard to find.  This year he's got a great group of teachers.  They challenge him, and he likes that.  They make what the kids are learning fun, and that keeps him interested.  And they help to foster his love of reading, which keeps him happy.  They also don't see any evidence of his Tourette's at school, which means he's not feeling stressed or anxious about things.  And that is incredible.

Henry could probably get any teacher and be OK.  He is very compliant and obedient.  He likes to help the teacher, and wants to do a great job at everything.  He is a hard worker and is very smart.  His teacher this year is so sweet and loves my boy.  We are very lucky to have someone who cares so much about Henry.

Katie. . . My sweet Katie needs a lot from her teacher.  She needs someone who can understand her half talking, half signing method of communication.  She needs someone who will challenge her and not be swayed by her sweetness.  She needs someone who will take seriously our goals of having her in a mainstream classroom, and help us work hard toward achieving that.  She needs someone who will not be manipulated by Katie's cuteness.  She needs a teacher who will work with her, not just sit her in front of a movie.  We have that teacher this year, and she is incredible.  She loves our girl, but she pushes her.  She makes her work and makes her participate.  And, most importantly, she believes in Katie and sees her incredible potential.

And little Jack the firecracker.  His teachers probably have the biggest challenge!!  He needs teachers who will let him have his huge personality, but encourage him to behave appropriately.  He needs teachers who can manage his talking and excitement and help him learn without squashing those parts of his personality.  His teachers this year are two amazing, friendly, loving, smart, sweet girls.  We are so thankful Jack is in their class.  He loves them with all of his sweet heart, and they love him.

I know we won't always have the teacher luck we've had this year, and I do not take that for granted.  I hope our teachers know how much we appreciate them and all that they do for our family!

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