Monday, November 12, 2012

Giving Thanks, Day Twelve - No Big Deal

Today I am thankful for sweet children who don't think that adoption is a big deal.

For boys who love their sister because she is their sister, and that is all.

I'm thankful for amazing children who were so flexible when adding an almost five year old child to our family that they barely missed a beat.

For brothers who snuggle their little sister in her bed just because.

I'm thankful for my incredible boys who talk about "our sister" but don't feel like it's necessary to tell people she's adopted.  When I asked why, they all answered with some variation of "because it doesn't matter".  It is not a big deal to them that Katie hasn't always been here.  She is their sister, and that's all that matters.  

It is not a big deal to them that she has Down syndrome.  I honestly don't even think they notice it.  They notice she doesn't talk like they do, but I seriously think they believe that's because she lived in Russia, not because she has Down syndrome.  The boys are her biggest fans, and when she accomplishes something or does something funny, nobody in the room cheers more loudly for her.  

I'm thankful that the differences in our family are really just no big deal.

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  1. Love your family! Wish we were closer together!


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