Saturday, August 4, 2012

Katie's Sleep Study

Katie had her sleep study on Thursday.  She and Chris spent the night at the Vanderbilt Sleep Center.  Vanderbilt does things right - they stayed at the Hyatt for the night.  

The combination of Down syndrome, enormous tonsils and adenoids, an enlarged tongue, and sleeping with her mouth open won her a sleep study to make sure she has no obstructive sleep apnea.

They got there at around 7:00 and got settled in for the night.

Katie checked the place out, then wanted to watch t.v.
See that white dome looking thing above the t.v.?
It's the night vision camera they used to watch her sleep.

This is where Chris slept for the night.
Although I don't think he slept much.

She had no nap on Thursday, and she was a little wired....

They got her all hooked up and Chris said when they were done she seemed like she was afraid to move.

Look at all of that stuff!

They came in and woke Lady K up at 5:30, took all of her wires and stickers off and she was on her way.  We should have the results in about two weeks!


  1. Glad she did so well, praying for great news!

  2. Haha, so cute! I love the pic from when she was wired and that bed head one at the end - PRICELESS!

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