Thursday, August 9, 2012

Weekend Business

I cannot believe this was our last weekend before school started!  We had what felt like a million last minute things to do.

Saturday I got up early to hit the half price day at a local consignment sale.  I got some great things, including a Robin costume for Jack for $1.50.  He love, love, loves a costume, and he is particularly fond of Robin.  He doesn't care that the pants are capris because it's a little small.....

Later that morning we went to a picnic for our local group of the Down Syndrome Association of Middle Tennessee.  It was nice to meet a few friends who live close who also have children with Ds.  Katie was the only girl, and the only adopted child.  And she was w.i.l.d.  There were some sweet babies there and one big boy who was nine.  I chatted with his mama about some school stuff for a little while.  I met the executive director of the Down Syndrome Association of Middle Tennessee and he was surprised that Katie had been home for such a short period of time.  He and his wife were very sweet, and it was nice to meet them.  

After the picnic we headed to Opry Mills Mall.  And drove right on past it when we saw the line of cars on the road waiting to get off at the exit.  It was ridiculous.  It was tax free weekend in Tennessee, and apparently everyone in the mid-state decided that Opry Mills was where they would spend their tax free dollars.  No thank you.  We turned around and came back to get our things at a store closer to home.  It was a bit of a wasted trip, but Jack and Katie both napped in the car so it was really worth it.

We went to the Avenue and got David and Jack some shoes at Stride Rite.  Both needed new school shoes.  Henry did too, but they had nothing in his size.  And yes, Jack wore his Robin costume to go shoe shopping.  

Sunday, after a last minute run to find Henry some new {huge} school shoes, we loaded up the car with big boys and school supplies and went to our school's open house to meet their teachers.  (I should add, we got Henry's shoes in Murfreesboro at Children's Shoe Company.  They are phenomenal.  If you are in this area, you need to go there for your shoes.  They are comparably priced to Stride Rite, and the customer service is fantastic.  And Mr. Joey taught Jack to tie his shoes in about three and a half minutes.

There are a lot of supplies on the second and third grade lists!

We met the teachers, dropped off supplies, and hightailed it back home for some dinner and baths.

I had my dinner sitting on a stool in the bathroom while Katie and Jack took a bath. . . sometimes you have to do what it takes to have 10 minutes to eat in peace!

After baths, Katie and Jack did their best Jabba the Hutt impressions.

I might be biased, but my little Jabbas are much cuter.

We had a great weekend, and I'm sad it was the last one of the summer for us!


  1. Yes, your Jabbas are SO MUCH cuter :)

  2. Ella (who is SEVEN) and I both wear a women's size 6. I'm blaming the hormones in my non-organic mllk...

  3. They are a million times cuter! :)

    LOVE girlie's tan line! ;) Too darn cute!

  4. WOW can't believe your kids are back already! Summer went way too fast!

  5. That was some serious bubble blowing!!!!

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    What about this one


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