Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wilson County Fair

Yesterday we went to the Wilson County Fair.  We've been once before, in 2009, and I swear to you that David remembered where every single ride was and what he went on last time.  Particularly the "Hall of Mirrors" as he called it, which he looked for all. day. long.  (Thankfully we found it.)  Last time we went, Jack was a baby and I don't remember him riding anything.  This time he was at Chris' parents house for the weekend.


The comparison between those two pictures makes me want to cry.  

We were so lucky to participate in Special Needs day at the fair, which allowed us to get into the fair three hours before it opened, park for free, have free admission and all day rides for Katie plus two additional people.  We had so much fun!

David and Henry had no fear and wanted to ride everything.

They were very sweet about riding some things with Katie as well.

Henry said, "Katie's rides are boring."

We checked out the other fair things too, like the old village buildings, the huge 400 pound pumpkins, the gardens, the honeybees, and the flowers.  David found a new love for country ham and entered a contest to win a huge ham.  With my luck he'll actually win it.

I think they rode every ride.
Some of them two and three times.

Katie LOVED the rides.  
Really, there's not much she does not love.

She really loved to go down the huge slide.

We stayed for six hours!
After the fair, we went to Gigi and Grampy's house for a quick swim.

Henry and "Goldy", the fish he won at the fair, fell asleep in the car on the way home!

We had a fantastic day.  We all came home a little sunburned, with bellies full of fair food.  I hope we don't wait three more years to go back.


  1. What a great day! Oh my Katie just gets cuter and cuter. Love your family!

  2. Kim, Katie is seriously such a joy to read about (obv the boys are too, but thats a given) she has such a wonderful spirit and seems to find amazement in EVERYTHING you guys do! It's great!


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