Saturday, November 3, 2012

31 of 31 - Halloween 2012

Take two with this. . .  apparently it saved as a draft the first time instead of posting.

We love some Halloween around here!  It was very difficult this year to get a photo of everyone on the porch and all looking at me at the same time with their eyes open.  I love, however, Katie looking up at David in this picture.  And I love the mismatched business we have going on with their clothes, Katie's leggings underneath her nightgown, David's Crocs with his socks, and Jack in his raincoat with some stuffed rabbit he dug out of a toy bin on his way out the door, and our porch steps that need to be painted.  This is our real life, not a polished, posed picture!!

David had a "Vocabulary Parade" at school on Halloween, and he dressed up like the solar system.  We spray painted yellow a colander we got at Dollar Tree, and David worked diligently for several days to paint each of the nine styrofoam planets (and Earth's moon!) to look as realistic as he could make them.  He was so proud of his planets, and they look fantastic.  We then put the planets on wire and fed them through the holes in the colander.  I made an elastic chin strap for it, and his planets were in orbit around his head.  He just wore black pants and a black shirt, and he loved it.  I am so proud of how hard he worked on this project.

Jack was SO excited to be Frodo Baggins for Halloween.  Because every four year old wants to dress like a character from Lord of the Rings..... His pants are just a pair of his own pants that I cut, his white shirt is one we had, and his belt, vest, and jacket were Goodwill specials.  The vest was a jacket, and we cut the sleeves off.  We used one of the sleeves to make a sheath for his sword.

Katie had a Halloween party at school, so Jack wore his costume to pick her up.  And I can completely see why people think they're twins.

We did trick or treating on the square by my office.  At one house Jack met Samwise Gamgee and Gandalf!  He thought they were real, I believe, because he was quite apprehensive.

Katie liked the trick or treating, for the most part, but was anxious about all of the people and did not like scary costumes.  I kept telling her, "It's pretend!  It's pretend!" and she kept pointing, nodding her head, and assuring herself, "Dedend.  Dedend."  

We had a bumblebee, two ninjas, and Frodo Baggins.

Katie was also quite worried about the "man" under this firetruck.....

After trick or treating on the square, Jack and Katie stayed home with me and handed out candy while Chris and the big boys took a spin around the neighborhood.  Jack enjoyed giving the candy out as much as he enjoyed receiving it.  When we ran out, Jack wanted to get the candy he collected trick or treating and pass that out!

I hope you had a great Halloween!

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  1. Um, a.) that solar system was amazing! and b.) I absolutely cannot get enough of Katie Ruth's face.


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