Sunday, November 11, 2012

Giving Thanks, Day Eleven - Lazy Days

Today I am thankful for warm, lazy November days.

We spent Saturday morning hanging out at home, then headed to Trader Joe's.

The boys stayed at Gigi's house and played, chasing the chickens in the back yard.

The weather was gorgeous.  We had some popsicles and just hung out for a little while after grocery shopping.

We came home and Chris raked up a big bunch of leaves for the kids while I put the groceries away.

Obviously this was Katie's first time playing in the leaves.

David was crazy for some leaf jumping!

He loved climbing around in them and burying himself.  Big stuff for a kid who couldn't stand to have one leaf on his body two years ago.

Katie had zero hesitation about it - she loved it!

The weather was amazing.  The kids played outside until dark, rolling in the leaves, throwing them at each other and squealing while they played, jumping on the trampoline, and chasing a ball around the backyard.  We had the windows open and I loved hearing them all play outside together.  


  1. The second to last picture is perfect. So frame worthy. Love.

  2. Warm, lazy November days is sooo true. We've been soaking it up, too. The pictures of the kiddos in the leaves is cute!


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