Thursday, November 1, 2012

30 of 31 - Orphans No More!

One of my favorite, and unexpected, results of adopting Katie is the amazing friendships I have made with other adopting or adoptive mamas.  The international adoption experience is big unique ball of emotion - good, bad, stressful, excited, frustrated, et cetera - that is best understood by someone who has experienced the same process.  I have been so fortunate to have made several fantastic friends through Katie's adoption, and that is not something I anticipated would come through this process.  I'm so, so thrilled to be able to introduce the TWO new daughters of my sweet friend Jennifer.

Please meet sweet little Emily!  Emily was actually one of the babies we sponsored as a Christmas Angel last year.  She is two and is the sweetest little ball of baby.  I am so excited for her to go home to her mama and daddy at such an early age, because she will never remember anything else.  She is going to have such a wonderful life, and I cannot wait to see her thriving at home.

And meet sweet Dariya!  Dariya, also called Dasha, is a sassy, spunky, smart, sweet, amazing six year old.  I am so proud of Jennifer and Brandon for several things, but one biggie is for adopting a six year old.  Lots of people are scared about adopting an older child (and anything over 2 is considered older in terms of adoption).  The older children so often get overlooked because people want a baby.  And I get that; I really, really do.  Jennifer and Brandon don't have any biological children, and they have chosen to start their family by adopting a two year old and a six year old. . . nothing like jumping right in!  Having adopted an older child, I can absolutely attest to the fact that the rewards of such an adoption are worth the challenges.  And there are some - Katie has had experiences that have shaped her life and her personality, and I have had no control over those.  We are working through that, every day.  Some days it's more work, and some days it's none, but any post-institutionalization child will have residual emotional and behavioral issues.  Jennifer and Brandon are literally changing Dasha's life and giving her one.  She is such a smart little muffin, and she is going to do so well at home with her parents and her sister.  She has a huge personality just waiting to be unlocked, and it will be an amazing process to follow.

Huge congratulations Jennifer and Brandon.  I am so proud of you, and so happy for your girls and the amazing lives they are going to have.  

If you'd like to follow Jennifer's blog, please visit her at JenniferLovesLobsters.blogspot.com!

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