Saturday, October 15, 2011


Itemized, for Misty.

1.  After the boys ran this morning we went to a huge craft fair.  (Or, yard sale on crack as Kirk's wife calls it. . . much more appropriate than "craft fair").

2.  I *may or may not* have gotten Katie Ruth four headbands and a hair clip.  And a Halloween hair bow.  Oh and I *may or may not* have also picked up the cutest embroidered Halloween shirt for her.  The only other items we purchased?  Dog bones (from the people who had that pony dog) and food.  Funnel cakes, kettle corn, a corn dog, and about a gallon of lemonade that was "so fresh, if it was any fresher you'd slap a lemon."

3.  I also *may or may not* have gone to Hobby Lobby tonight to get some supplies to make the cute little felt hair clips I saw.  Because I can wield a hot glue gun like it's nobody's business, and I wasn't going to pay $7.50 for that when I can make it myself.  And not keep the glue strings on it when I'm done.

4.  My debit card number for our adoption account got stolen.  I found that out when I attempted to pay for our spaghetti dinner for our runners.  And my card was declined.  Twice, because you know I did what everyone else who has a declined card has ever done and said, "What?  That's not right.  Run it again please."  HeLLO!  It was declined again.  So I called my bank.  Reason number 7294056720 I like using a small bank.  They know me by first name when I call.  I had changed my PIN the day before, in the branch, and wondered if there had just been some mix up when that was done.  My girl Adrianna (and a runner on our team!) called the fraud department, and there was a hold on my card.  I called and they asked if I had been to Italy lately. . . Um, no.  A plane ticket had been booked in Italy and reservations made at the Crown Plaza hotel.  Right.  I wish that had been me!  There were also six other charges that were attempted and declined because the bank realized it was fraud.  Sooooo, my card cannot be used and has been cancelled.  A new card has been ordered, and we will get our money back after a fraud investigation, etc. is done.  Inconvenient?  Yes.  The end of the world?  Absolutely not.  It could have been much, much worse.

5.  In all of the excitement, I haven't posted that we GOT OUR GOLDEN TICKET!!!  All we need is our apostilled FBI background checks back (which were sent almost three weeks ago) and we are ready to submit!!!  

6.  Tomorrow?  Benefit concert in Massachusetts for Katie.  The circus for us.  I wish we could be at the concert and cannot wait to hear all about it!

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