Saturday, October 15, 2011

Run For Katie

The Murfreesboro Middle Half was today.
This was our Run for Katie day!

We had our Run for Katie dinner last night.
And I didn't take any pictures!
We had a great time, and the runners raised $1,781.73 for Katie!
Our grand prize winner was Misty, with $665.00!

The kids did the fun run this morning at the Half.
I LOVE this picture of Misty's daughter Ella with the boys.
They all ran together.

David, Henry, & Ella proudly ran wearing their Run for Katie shirts.

The kids run was a mile.
Please note the size of the boy next to David.
I'm pretty sure David finished with 10 and 11 year olds.
Who started two corrals before David.

He was fast!

And Miss Ella was right behind him.
She did a great job.

And I'm SO proud of Henry!
He did a really great job.
David is more of a natural runner, and Henry has to work at it.

He was so determined, and he stuck in there and finished really well!
He did SUCH a great job, and wants to do more runs!

They are so proud of their medals!

My parents and my sister were there to support our Run for Katie team, and the kids running.

Chris' parents came to support our team and the kids too.

We had a great, great morning.
The spirit at the race was fabulous, and we will definitely do it again.

Katie's family - all of us! - is so thankful for our runners and the great fundraising they did! 

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  1. a.) Of course Ella is a great runner, she is her mother's child!

    b.) It totally sucks balls (can I say that on Kate's blog?!) that I didn't get to see you at the race!

    c.) It also sucks balls that I didn't get to see "our" mother, who may be my new favorite person ever. Bless her.

    d.) My entire body hurts. Just wanted to throw that in there...


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