Sunday, April 1, 2012

F.O.U.R. Days!

Um, how do we leave in four days?

Jack and I spent the day running errands while Chris and the big boys did things at home.  Jack and I went to Gigi and Grampy's (I swear, that was an errand, not just a visit . . . ), then to Kohl's and the grocery store.  We stocked up on goodies and food for them while we'll be gone.  Although they're on spring break this week and I'm nervous they'll eat everything before next weekend!  (I'm scared to see what they're going to eat when we have FOUR teenagers at the same time.)

We packed all of our orphanage donations last night.

These things are much more fun than toothpaste!  

We packed a lot last night, but still have more to do.  I hate bringing a winter coat again, but I think it's necessary.  It's only in the high 30s and low 40s there, according to my weather app on my phone.  That will be quite a shift from the 70s and 80s we've got here now!  

I'm off to swap out all of the long sleeves in everyone's dressers for shorts and short sleeves!

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