Saturday, April 7, 2012

Trip Two, Day Three

We took the long trek back to Katie's orphanage today.  This was our view for much of the time - traffic, traffic, traffic!

Here's the "Bar Crazy Daisy", which I think is a country bar.  We would travel 6,000 miles to see a honky tonk!

Little Miss came in wearing the same outfit she had on the first day, and we were in the same room as the first visit.  I thought we might be, since it's the weekend and the "psychologist" isn't here on the weekend to open the big therapy room upstairs.

We brought a deflated beach ball, and she LOVED it.  She entertained herself with it for a long, long time.  

We also brought her a big spinner toy, and she didn't put that down.  If we tried to touch it she would yell at us.

She is so fabulous.  I hate that this photo is blurry, but she would have to slow down for it to be clear, and she is all about some non-stop action.  I have a feeling she was showing off a bit today.  

She was quite creative with the ball - throwing, rolling, kicking, and sitting on it.  She has great balance.

She loved rolling around on the ball and falling down.  She thought that was hysterical.  She's a tough little cookie, which is good given the siblings we've got at home.

She was a little giggle box, laughing the entire time.

I love this picture!

I'm pretty sure she'll be on a soccer field soon.

She dug around in my bag and pulled out the crayons.  She seems to really like to draw.

She's got a great grip and was concentrating very hard.  We'll definitely be getting her eyes checked - we noticed her holding things very close to her face today and putting her face very close to her paper while she was coloring.

She had a very intricate hairdo - a series of tiny little ponytails all leading to a pigtail on each side of her head.  They worked very hard to make her look nice for us.

She looked like she's grown a little taller since we were here last!

She loved looking at my iphone and kept kissing the home screen, which is a photo of Jack and me.  That made this mama so happy.

We tried on the clothes we brought.  The pants fit great, but the shoes were too small.  She had a different pair of shoes on today than last time, and they were too big for her.  I think we'll need an 8 or 8 1/2.  I'll just bring one of each.

She thought it was really funny to try the clothes on!

Her name is written inside her dress.

After our visit, we went to the medical clinic to have our blood test, urine test, and chest x-rays.  

They stuck me not one time...

But two.  I'm not a fan of a blood draw.  I'm REALLY not a fan of a blood draw in a foreign country.  We come back Monday for our full medical exams.  Happy thoughts please - there may be an issue with one of Chris' chest x-rays.  I'm sure it's nothing, but we really don't need a problem with it.

We're back to visit the little munchkin tomorrow!

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