Friday, April 20, 2012

Kelly's Birthday Wish

Sunday is my friend Kelly's birthday.

Kelly and her husband Kyle brought this little tiny bit of deliciousness they call Charlotte home last month.  

Charlotte was adopted from Katie's country.

Kelly and I have gotten to know each other through the adoption process, and I'm so thankful we have. She is funny, smart, intentional, determined, and has a heart as big as Charlotte's cheesy grin.

Kelly wrote in a post on her blog, Love Brings You Home, about a few of Charlotte's friends who have been left behind at the orphanage.  You see, at Charlotte's orphanage Kelly and her husband met other children.  We did not do that really at Katie's orphanage; we saw other children, but met only one.  And we met that little girl at my request, as she is being adopted by another family I have gotten to know.  The children Kelly met?  They left an impression on her.  As Kelly wrote on her blog: 

"I hear their laughter in my dreams sometimes.  I hear their cries, too.  And I wake up feeling completely powerless.  They are the ones we are leaving behind when we bring Charlotte home."

She originally posted about three children:

and Kacey.

Since Kelly's original post, both Diane and Vitaliy have had families commit to adopt them!  Little Kacey, however, still waits.  Kelly described meeting Kacey:

"Kacey initially observed us from the safety of the child size chairs across the room.  She was clearly skeptical of these new people watching her lesson.  She watched carefully as Charlotte eagerly climbed up into my lap and snuggled in for some hugs from Momma before participating in her lesson.  Her curiosity seemed to overrule her initial fear, and she shyly sidled up next to me.  She extended her scarred arms and hands and looked up into my face, waiting to see what my reaction would be.  When I smiled and traced her scars with my fingers, she relaxed.  She put her hand on my leg and questioned, “Mama?”  I don't think I could ever forget the look on her face when my answer was 'nyet'."

These children are Kelly's sweet Charlotte's friends.  They are her first family.  And Kelly can't leave them behind.  She can't be their mama, but she can help them find one.  

Kacey has Apert Syndrome.  She also has a grant available through Reece's Rainbow with a small amount of money ready to help a family who is willing to adopt her and love her.  Kelly would like to see that money grow.  I would like to see Kelly have a happy birthday.  It costs a. lot. of money to adopt a child.  While I certainly don't anticipate everyone can adopt, maybe you have $5 to share with Kacey to help celebrate my friend Kelly's birthday?  All donations made through Reece's Rainbow are 100% tax deductible.  And 100% guaranteed to change the life of a sweet child.

Happy Birthday Kelly.  I hope your birthday is full of promise my friend, for you and for Kacey.  Thank you for your selflessness and generosity.

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