Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter! Trip Two, Day Four

We had another great visit with Katie today.  

If you are adopting and haven't traveled yet, buy a beach ball before you go.  This is the best $1.00 we've spent - she loves it!  It's dirt cheap, flat to pack, and easy to travel with.

She looked cute today in her blue jeans, a little fleece sweatshirt, and some pigtails.

We did some more drawing.  Or, I should say she did.  She didn't want anyone else to touch it.  I think she's getting more comfortable with us, because she's not afraid to tell us no, swat our hands away if she doesn't want us to do something, and she really doesn't want to go back to her groupa when it's time to leave at the end of the visit.

These two photos are further indication of why I think she needs glasses, soon.

Everything goes right up to her face.  That will be one of the first appointments we make.

She loved, loved, loved playing ball with Chris.

She would sit down and put her hands out to catch the ball - it was so cute!

I love that face!

She has realized that Chris is for playing and I am for helping.  She wants to play with him only, and comes to me to wipe her nose or help her do something.  Ironically, those are our clearly defined roles at home.  Girlfriend catches on quick.

She was very, very tired by the end of our visit.  She laid down several times.  When our translator would ask her if she wanted to go back to her groupa and go to sleep, she would quickly jump up and say, "NO! NO!"

After our visit we went to Red Square and St. Basil's Cathedral.

Tomorrow we visit and go back to finish our medicals.  The translator and our driver don't seem to think that the issue with Chris' chest X-ray should be a problem, so I'm hoping they're right!


  1. Kim, i just LOVE how much joy your sweet girl has!!! Her smile is contagious! :) I will keep the beach ball idea in mind...GREAT idea. Hope you had a VERY BLESSED EASTER with Katie! xo

  2. I still can not get over how absolutely beautiful and stunning she is! Just precious!

  3. Praying for you safe return with your daughter, she is beautiful!


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