Wednesday, February 8, 2012


SEVENTEEN days to go!

Do you remember how surprised I was to read on Sarah's blog that she and her mom had a Coins for Katie jar at their store in Ohio?  Well when Joyce, Sarah's mom, heard we got our travel date she and Sarah went to cash in their Coins for Katie jar.

Their jar was full, and it was heavy!  

They brought the jar to the grocery store and used the Coinstar machine to cash it in.
Guess how much money they raised, with the help of their generous customers?
You will be shocked - NONE of these people, including Sarah and her mom, have ever met our family, yet they dug deep into their pockets to donate their change (and sometimes their "green money" as Jack calls it) to help us bring Katie home.  I was AMAZED and completely overwhelmed when I learned how much money they raised. . . 

You will have to click over to Sarah's blog to find out the total!  

Thank you so much Joyce, Sarah, and the amazing customers at J. Ellen's House of Fabric.  And guess what?  Their generosity is not ending there - Joyce told me they will be using their jar over and over again to help raise money for more of the Reece's Rainbow children waiting for the families!  Joyce and Sarah do some incredible things for the Down syndrome community, and we are so thankful they chose to support us as we work hard to bring our special girl home!


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  1. Ahh thanks Kim. We were so happy to be able to help you bring sweet Katie home. We can't wait to read all about your trip and so look forward to the day she is home!!!


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