Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sweet Sixteen


We got a card in the mail from my friend Amy and her family.  They live in Maine, and they saved their Coins for Katie.  Amy and I met a looooong time ago, very shortly after I started working for Gap.  We are very similar (gorgeous, funny, and smart. Duh.) and very quickly became friends.  Fast forward fifteen years, I've moved to Tennesse, got married and had the boys.  Amy still works for Gap (seriously, she has to be one of the employees with the longest service, and she is so good at her job), and she has two girls.  And I'm sure she still has amazing hair - even though I haven't seen Amy in nearly 10 years, I can promise you that her hair is amazing.  (I'm all about the important things.  Clearly.)  I was so happy one day when Amy and I connected via Facebook.  She and her family sent me this card this week, and it is one of my favorites that we've received.  I LOVE handwritten notes, and the notes from her girls are so special!  

I cannot wait to show Katie all of the fabulous notes we've received from people who have worked so hard to bring her home.  We are such a lucky family - lucky that we are bringing Katie home, but especially lucky that we have friends like Amy and all of the others who have been so kind and generous to us.  Thank you!!


  1. I'm so very happy for all of you. FINALLY you have a date to go see Katie. I wish you all God Speed, safe travels. Can't wait to see pictures of Katie with her parents.

    I continue to pray for all of you

    Katie's Prayer Warrior.

  2. Kid's writing sappy stuff always makes me tear up. Love that card!


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