Friday, February 3, 2012


Twenty-Two days to go.
I got some boots yesterday.  They're warm, cozy, and fabulous.
Now I just need socks to wear with them.
Because, you know, we live in the south and I really don't ever have to wear socks.

I will pack light.  
I will pack light.  
I will pack light.  

If I keep saying it, I know it will happen.

Chris brought Jack to the store yesterday to pick a special toy for us to bring from him to give to Katie.  Chris made sure to stress that Katie is a girl and likes to play with girl toys.  I suspect there may have been some, ahem, gentle steering toward appropriate toys.

This is what Jack selected:

She's perfect.
And very cute.
And oddly wearing an outfit that I would put Katie in.
It's a perfect match.

Today?  More fingerprinting to update our FBI clearances.

Have a great Friday!

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  1. Not that it's any help to you, but I'm TERRIBLE at packing light! :)

    Haha, Jack will learn what girls are yet! :)


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